I'm Ordained Minister, Reverend Robbin Young.

I'm currently writing a non-fiction novel

Nude Christian

which is a factual and salacious story about my life.

What do you do when one day you wake up and you are financially insolvent?

You begin selling every thing you have, and I mean EVERYTHING!

What do you do when one day you wake up and you are so unhappy selling EVERYTHING, that you contemplate suicide?

You get on your knees and pray to God for help, and you put your life in his hands.


by: Robbin Young ©

When did I stop
caring about you?

When you no longer
cared about yourself?

When did I stop
loving you?

When you no longer
loved yourself?

Allowing others
to use and abuse you,
you're no longer
the person
I recognize or respect.

Harsh words, but true!

The sadness in your eyes
breaks my heart.
I can no longer
bare to look at you.

I avoid
the mirror
and reflect with sorrow...

​©2008 by Robbin Youngall rights reserved

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